Get 10 SHOTS BETTER in 90 Days!

How would you like shoot 10 shots better in 90 days?

•Do you have a proven game plan on the most effective way to improve your golf game?
•What area of the game do you think is most important to your scoring ability? (it is not what you think!!!)

I know I can help you find the answers—through a series of instruction based on the popular Golf BioSwing Dynamics program created by Mike Adams and EA Tischler. The Golf BioSwing Dynamics program will revolutionize your understanding of how you should play golf based on how your body naturally moves from the back swing to the finish.

I have dedicated my life to finding out how I can improve my own golf game and in that search I have developed strategies that I now share with my students that help them improve their golf scores and most importantly – it helps them enjoy the game every time they play.

I am currently offering the Golf BioSwing Dynamics program of golf instruction at the University of North Florida GOLFPLEX located off J Turner Butler Blvd and Kernan Rd in Jacksonville, FL.

To schedule a lesson – simply email me at or call me at 904-707-1750.

Lesson Rates effective January 1, 2015:

Initial Game Assessment Session (1.5 to 2 hours) – $95

1 hour of private instruction – $120

Training Program Rates:

It has been proven the most effective way to improve your game is to commit to a series of training sessions focusing on the area where you will be able to improve your score rapidly. Upon completion of your Initial Game Assessment we will determine the most effective program for your goals and how fast you want to improve your game.

Monthly Adult Programs start at $325 per person in a group session to $500 for individual private lessons. Average golfers can expect to see a 10 shot improvement in less than 90 days of the team coaching program!

Monthly Junior Programs start at $300

Training with Jim Ragland will include lesson time on the golf course learning how to play the game as well as review the rules and etiquette.

1. Driving the ball off the tee- Most recreational golfers will greatly improve their scores and enjoyment of the game by learning to put the ball in play off the tee with long and straight drives. I will teach you how to make the driver your favorite club in the bag and your fellow competitors will be asking – “Isn’t golf boring hitting every fairway?” Easy answer – No it is not boring. That is what makes golf fun- hitting long drives in the fairway!

2. The Approach Shot – learn how to hit greens in regulation with crisp and solid iron shots that will set up the opportunity for some birdies and not get you in trouble when you do occasionally miss a shot.

3. The Short game – How to score with your wedge game – A key factor to good scoring is the ability to get the ball up and down when you miss a green. I will teach you how to make your 56* wedge the third favorite club in your bag.

4. Putting- Once you have learned to hit the ball in play off the tee, hit crisp accurate iron shots, and get up and down with your wedges it will then be time to develop the second most important club in your bag- THE PUTTER. I can teach you how to read greens with confidence and develop the feel to make putts and avoid 3 putts.


Jim Ragland –

Qualified for the 2014 USGA Senior Open at Oak Tree National
•2 Time Qualifier for the USGA US Amateur
•A Golf Professional since 1982
•Played in the 1983 PGA Tour Southern Open
•1989 Cadillac Florida Open Champion
•Played in PGA Tour Qualifying School 8 times
•Played in qualifying School for the PGA Champions Tour 4 times
•Personally worked with some of America’s golf instructors from Davis Love, Jr., Jack Grout, Kevin Smeltz, David Leadbetter, Todd Anderson, Mike Taylor, Mike Shannon, Tom Burnett, Dr. Morris Pickens, and EA Tischler

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What are YOU doing today to be better tomorrow?

Are you playing to your potential?

Are you frustrated with your golf game and how you score?

Are you looking for a way to play better golf in the time that you have available to play and practice?

If you are frustrated and confused about how you can improve your golf game then let’s get together for a one hour session. During the one hour session we can determine if my proven system of teaching players of all abilities how to play better golf now will work for you.

If you agree my system will work for you we will move forward with a game plan to make you a better player in just 90 days!

Call Jim Ragland at 904-707-1750 for more details.

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What can You Learn from Tommy Gainey at WMO?

Tommy Gainey was 1 shot out of the lead with 2 holes to play in the 2011 Waste Management Phoenix Open. On number 17 he tried to drive the green on a short par 4 – trying to make an easy birdie or possibly an eagle.

Should he have gone for the green on his drive?

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How did Jonathan Byrd win the TofC?

Jonathan Byrd from Sea Island, Ga wins the first event of the year with steady play each day for his second win in a row!

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Is your Wedge Game Good enough for Competition?

Can you get to 30 under par in 80 attempts from 75 to 100 yards?

Last week I worked with a junior student and we identified an area that all competitors can improve and see how they compare to tour players – The 75 to 100 yard wedge shot. The stats will show that the tour pros may not average getting the ball as close to the hole as one might imagine over the course of a year, however, they are fantastic at making a barrage of birdies from that distance!

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Can you Putt Like a Tour Pro from 3′ – 5′?

The old saying is that you drive for show and putt for dough. No question that it takes a hot putter to win but as you can determine from the Tour Stats – driving and putting is important if you want to be in position to win on Sunday.

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Rate Your Stats Against PGA Tour Players

Do you want to improve your golf game? Then study the stats of the best Tour players and compare your stats. You will begin to see where they are better than you and how you can improve.

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Teach Your Child How to Play Golf

When people find out that I am a golf professional dedicated to helping people play better, I am often asked how to teach a child to play golf. I begin by asking what they have heard or believe about how to get their child interested in golf. It is interesting to hear the answers they give from so called “experts.” This entry will give you the full details of how I would teach my child how to play golf based on what I know today.

Review the concepts presented in The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle –

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Hello world!

The Ragland Golf Blog will be dedicated to helping competitive golfers score better in tournaments through effective course management strategies and proper fitness. Most golfers today are so focused on their swings that they have lost sight of the main objective of golf – to get the ball in the hole in as few as strokes as possible. MORE TO FOLLOW.

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